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Field Sensing

Who we are

Spray Logics is an innovative StartUp with proprietary technologies that develops systems to reduce the use of chemicals in agriculture.


The widespread use of Phytosanitary products is one of the serious problems of the Agricultural Industry.

Phytosanitary products affect every animal species, even useful ones such as bees, and by entering the soil they pollute the underlying water tables. The European Union in the recent GREEN DEAL PROGRAM calls for a drastic reduction of such products to achieve sustainable Agriculture.

Focus Spraying

Automatic control of volume and distribution points according to vegetation characteristics.

Data collection

Collection of data on treatments carried out with transmission to a central tracking system.

Treatments based on weather forecasts

Optimization and planning of treatments based on forecast models and weather sensors.

Environmental contamination risk control

Control near surface waters or homes adjacent to the treated area.

Automatic dosing

Automatic dosing of phytoiatric product and corresponding mixture volume according to vegetation structure.

Chlorophyll monitoring

Analysis of plant health by chlorophyll monitoring (for irrigation and fertilization needs).

What we do

Spray Logics systems enable the following goals to be achieved:

Reduce the use of chemical agents by more than 50%

Through various techniques including exact mixture calculation, Focus Spraying, Smart Spraying and centralized optimization.

Control of the quantity of delivered spray

The amount of product distributed on each individual plant and, in the future, for each individual fruit is stored.

Digital map of the field useful for all interventions

The digital field notebook, which will be increasingly used in the future, becomes a tool that automatically populates itself with data.

Saving for the farmers

Lower chemical product consumption brings benefits both to the environment and in savings for the farmer.

Our solutions

Spray Logics is part of the Optronia Group, an Austrian company specializing in advanced optical sensor technologies applied to Precision Agriculture and already active in innovative systems for spray delivery of Pesticides.

Spray Logics intends to revolutionize spraying techniques in Agriculture by optimizing field activities and creating an environmentally sustainable method.

Infrared Scanner

Through the use of infrared scanner in spraying techniques (for plant, leaf and flower recognition).

Crop Mapping

Creating a digital map of the field (in order to diversify and control the spray usage).

Sensible Reduction of Pesticides

The dosage of the chemical product will be adjusted according to the vegetation structure.

Spray Logics activity, initially focused on apple orchards and vineyards, may later be extended to all types of crops.


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We work together to produce new, pioneering solutions and to raise the bar of technological engineering excellence.

SprayLogics Awards

As a Startup company, we are proud and honoured to be already recognised by several independent, trade and consumer bodies following their reviews of our service, products, actions and behaviours.
llycaffè - Sustainability award

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